We're a small team, but we pack a strong punch. And you know they always say the best things come in small packages. 

Soka Media not only offers photography and videography services - we bring the whole package. We work with you to develop your digital strategy and bring your creative vision to life. We hack culture to understand your audience and reach them on a human-centric level. And we create your content with all of this mind from the very beginning. 


From product photography/video, professional sport, action and event photography/video - we capture the story behind your brand. Working with us promises consistent imaging and editing that flows with your brand. 

digital strategy

Let us do the research for you. Owning and running a successful business is time consuming. We help bring you closer to your customers through extensive market research and designing a creatively driven PR plan. 

social management

Through personalized media strategies, we create monthly media plans aimed at solving your marketing problems, resulting in increased revenue and fulfillment. We action these strategies and stay connected with you along the way, ensuring profitable returns and increased engagement.

PR management

Let our PR wizard help build that message you're struggling to define. Sometimes we have an idea and need the help of a creative to bring it to life. 

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